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> timrey.nl

A personal website created with HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP. You're looking at it right now!

> Feedback Friend

A form allowing users to create a survey by adding free-response and multiple choice questions.

A survey creation and distribution software sponsored by Oracle. My team spent spring 2022 planning the application's basic design and features, determining team roles, and laying out a roadmap for development. We will begin coding in the fall. As a member of the frontend team, I developed a prototype in React.js for creating, taking, and viewing the results of surveys.

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> Resource Manager

A website created with JavaScript (React.js, Material UI, Next.js, NextAuth.js, and Bcrypt.js), Python Flask, and MongoDB. Upon signing in, users can create new projects or join existing ones, check-in or checkout hardware resources for the projects they have joined, and view public datasets. As a member of a five person team, I was responsible for creating the frontend for the sign in / sign up and resource management pages. I also implemented user authentication, encryption, and comprehensive error checking for forms, and integrated the frontend with the backend.

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> Drum Kit GUI

The drum kit GUI. Two buttons at the top allow switching between acoustic and electric drums. A text box lets users search for songs on YouTube. There are labels for different parts of the drumkit, with buttons below that show which keyboard keys to press.

A basic keyboard-controlled drum kit made in Python with the Tkinter and pyglet libraries. Features include switching between acoustic and electric modes and typing the name of a song into a search bar to play along with it on YouTube.

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> Castle Zombie

A zombie sprite from the game. A helmeted zombie, mouth open with jagged teeth, prepares to bite the player.

A first-person shooter video game programmed in C/C++ on a LaunchPad TM4C123 microcontroller. Created in spring 2020, I returned to this project the following fall to create a detailed technical description of how it works.

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